Septic Systems

Is Your Septic System Up to Scratch?

Is Your Septic System Up to Scratch?

Count on us for your septic system installation in Kearney, Cameron & Liberty, MO

If you need a septic system installation in the Kearney, Cameron & Liberty, MO area, you can rely on the Selby Excavating, LLC crew to take care of it. We'll help you decide on the right system for your property and complete every step of the installation process.

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5 signs you need to repair your septic system

You should contact a licensed septic system repair pro if:

  1. Sewage starts backing up into your sink, shower or tub.
  2. Your fixtures are draining slowly or aren't draining at all.
  3. Water is pooling in your yard near the drain field or tank.
  4. The grass above your tank is greener than the rest of your yard.
  5. There's a foul smell in your yard, especially around the drain field.

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